Tristan Miller is a Minnesota born character actor with thirteen years of experience on stage and six on screen. The only son of an English teacher and an avid impressionist, Tristan grew up reciting Shakespeare and experimenting with dialects and mimicry. His vocal range is matched only by his physical articulation, crafted from studying mime, dance, and Commedia dell'Arte. These talents, along with an impeccable work ethic, extensive curiosity, and a wide range that spans genres, make Tristan an exemplary addition to any project. 


2010 - present

2010 - present

 Acting Reel

Comedy Reel


The Unexpected Virtue of Incontinence 

Indiana Jones Masterclass

As Himself

Top 10 Bipolar Myths

Bipolar Coping Techniques

Vash and Justin Review

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Award-winning Actor and Writer;

Podcaster, Comedian, and your best friend! 

Queens, NY. 


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