Non-Fiction Writing:

Vague Visages

There Is Another: Transgenerational Trauma and The Skywalker Legacy

Essay: Tristan explores the Skywalker saga from Star Wars through the lens of transgenerational trauma.

Stigma Fighters and Goodmen Project:

Fall in Love with your Future Self

Depressed for a Living:

Serving your community

Essay: Tristan Discusses his journey towards

self-actualization through the adversity of

mental health issues.

Essay: Tristan discusses mental health

in the service industry.



Top 10 Purely Positive Comedians

Top 5 Shows to Watch When Depressed

Tristan has compiled a list of comedians

that practice "Kind Comedy."

Tristan has compiled a list of shows

to watch when you're feeling blue.

Mental Health in the Media:

Mental Health in the Media:

Stranger Things

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Video Essay: Tristan discusses what we can

learn about the communal  acceptance of

mental health issues through Netflix's Stranger Things. 

Video Essay: Tristan discusses the representation

of trauma in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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