Tristan is a podcast host, producer, and editor.

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Mystery Media Review Show

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Limited run or defunct podcasts 

Review Cast of HBO's Mrs. Fletcher

Beginners Guide to Anime

Improvising Movies!

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Tristan has been a guest on these excellent Podcasts:


Tristan discusses their new hour of comedy called Manic Impressive just before a performance


KATG’s new intern’s bipolar disorder, home schooling, and sobriety; singing and crying; auto-brewery syndrome; HBO’s Succession; Keith’s dad’s books


Tristan has a reoccurring role as a radio host during the apocalypse!

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Tristan discusses their journey with bipolar disorder and joke-telling with Ryan Engelstad

Tristan discusses work, family, being homeschooled, and values with Myq Kaplan!

Tristan discusses former procurer James Lipton on Historical Hotties!

Tristan Miller talks about the first time they ever told a joke and their very first childhood panic attack!

Tristan and Sarah talk about LOL, OMG, LMFAO, "u" versus "you," bipolar disorder and anxiety. 

Tristan talks about the podcasts they host, the jokes they tell, the choices they've made, and does some impressions. 

Tristan improvises as Chad Kroeger this episode of Yes and I am!

Engel Jones has a 12 Minute Conversation with Tristan Miller! 

Tristan Hangs out with Myq Kaplan, Adam Strauss, and Chemda to discuss fear, mental health, and dogs! 

Tristan Improvises as on of the members of Blink 182! 

Tristan Improvises as Jesse Eisenberg in this episode of Yes and I am!

Tristan has been kindly written about in these publications:


This comedian and mental health advocate has a trick for your anxiety


Interview about

Manic Impressive

Into the Unreal City From the 2014 MN Fringe Festival


Review of The Ghost and The Writer


London From the 2015 MN Fringe Festival

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