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Day One of Fringe!

Today was opening day for me at Fringe!

It was also my nephews birthday. Both are good things to celebrate.

I went to the Apple Store to fix my computer, which required me to wipe my hard drive. Those of you who are looking for my regular content may see a slight delay due to this fact.

My show went well! A strong opening. I noted things that I need to change about the performance, but the show works. I'm glad that I got the first one out of the way and can focus on relaxing into it.

I was asked about my pre-show process and I realized it was:

1) 10 minutes before show, begin to anxiously belch.

2) 5 minutes before show, think I have to pee but I don't, I'm just worried about peeing.

3) 2 minutes before show, fall in to a pseudo-nihilistic pit where I realize what I'm doing is pretty frivolous in the grand scheme of things, and calm down.

4) 1 minute before show, swear that I have to pee again.

I saw Phil Low's Get Thee Behind Me Santa, which may be my favorite of his more recent works. It's absurd, hysterical, and effectively performed. It's filled with Bible references and also swearing, I highly recommend it.

After that I went to Fringe Central, hosted by Red Stag Supperclub, a restaurant I've been to a fair amount and who's cheese curds I've eaten with the same amount of frequency.

The enthusiasm seeping off of both the Artists and Audience members alike is deeply infectious. Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another and I'm excited to see waht comes next!


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