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  • Tristan J. Miller

Day one of Minneapolis

In the morning I meditated and watched an excellent TED Talk about being yourself.

Then em I used Minneapolis‘ Nice Ride to rent a bike and I explored the city!

I went to Mead Hall, a game a comic book store. Which, was fun but I didn’t find anything I’d like.

I then went to my favorite place to eat in the city, The Nicolette Diner. I had a club style grilled cheese sandwich, which I think is the most midwestern thing I’ve ever had Sans hot dish.

After that it was time for my tech at The Ritz Studio! A short tech as all I need them to do is turn the lights on and off. The two technicians are incredible. They are funny, driven, and kind. I’m impressed by the level of talent the Fringe always supplies.

After running the show, I left and went to Once Upon a Crime. A mystery book store. It’s beautiful and I highly recommend going. I also went to a Gamestop to get gifts for my nephew who is turned ten the next day.

Then, I headed to the Touring Acts Preview for the Fringe. It was wonderful meeting some new people, as well as catching up with some old friends.

The preview was fantastic, all of the acts were wonderful. My set went incredibly well and I hope that, that translates to audience attendance.

Then I went to my sister’s, with whom I’m staying during my trip. I realized that I had biked around 20 miles over the course of the day, which felt good. But, was exhausting.

I‘ll have more for you tomorrow!

Happy Fringing!

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