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Journal 03/02/19

My day started with the tradition of making of coffee and now the new event of journaling. My good friend Melissa Meli came over to record Amateur Detective Club, a murder mystery podcast I do with her and my other good friend Tyler Riley. But, we had some time before the recording to catch up, which was nice. Because, Melissa and I have only really seen each other in passing lately. Once we got recording we had heaps of fun talking about Murder, She Wrote! Melissa watched it growing up with her mother and so it means a lot to her. I think that the sharing of art/media/entertainment with loved ones is a lovely thing and is really the whole reason we do it. I remember watching “The Dick Van Dyke Show” with my mother as a kid and I think it’s left SOME kind of impact. The episode of Amateur Detective Club comes out Monday if you’re interested.

After that, I edited the podcast, an easy enough task. I also found a few therapists that are closer to me, which I will be contacting on Monday. After which Christina and I started to watch the movie “Heat.” A film who I’ve only heard referenced in relationship to “The Dark Knight.” Having seen half of one and the other several times, I can see the connection. I also spend some time updating my Patreon tiers, so if you have an interest in that you can check it out here:

I also finished up my mailing list for this month, expect to receive it soon if you’re on it! It was around the time for bed after that, so I booted up some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to get my mind relaxed. It’s really an excellent show for relaxing, as it’s not very loud and most of the characters are pleasant. If they’re not pleasant, they’re at least funny, which how I think life should be. #Journal

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