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It’s World Bipolar Day!

Hello There!

As you may know, I have Bipolar Disorder. You also may know that March 30th is #WorldBipolarDay

Here are some places and people you can support to help those in need.

NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Ilness):!/donation/checkout

The Fountain House (A resource for those with mental illness I’m NYC):!/donation/checkout

You can help find the tour of my show about Bipolar Disorder also:

Here are some resources if you or someone you know had the disorder:


Touched with fire, Kay Redfield Jamison

The Bipolar Survival Guide, David J. Milkowitz Wshful Drinking, Carrie Fisher 

Postcards from the Edge, Carrie Fisher

The Best Awful, Carrie Fisher


The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive


The Mental Illnwas Happy Hour

Postive and Negative

The Hilarious World of Depression

Here is a more comprehensive list:

You nevwr know who who is effected by these issues, be kind.

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