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  • Tristan J. Miller

Journal 03/03/19

In the morning, both Christina and I worked on separate projects.

Then, in the afternoon, I made a video essay in my series called Mental Health in the Media. The video deal with Michael Scott from the Office and personality disorders. It’s available on early access on my Patreon.

After that Christina and I ordered some sushi and watch a very interesting Contrapoints video about autogynephilia. A theory of thought that seems to be harmful to the Trans community. I highly recommend Contrapoints, her production is unlike anything else I’ve seen on YouTube. She also is well informed, analytical, and clearly intelligent.

After that we watch Evangelion for Anime-Zing Podcast. I’ve really enjoyed re-watching Evangelion. Now that I’m older I think I can appreciate it more.

Christina and I then had a discussion about how we feel about our lives and where we can improve as people. I feel incredibly lucky to have as open and communicative of a partner as her.

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