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Journal 03/04/19

I started the day by watching Brody Stevens half hour special. He recently passed away and Comedy Central was kind enough to put the whole thing on youtube to watch. It was a very interesting set, strange pauses, good laughs. He seemed to have an energy that almost tied entirely to the present. I wish the best to his friends and family, what little that does.

Then I went to work. I was teaching gym class which is always pretty fun. I had received news that an extended family member had passed away. Gym helped distract me from over thinking it, but it was still tough. It got me thinking about how lucky most of us are that we get to share our lives even a little with other people. It’s a huge gift to be able to say you knew someone no matter how much.

When I got home I went to the gym and did laundry, both are things that I enjoy because they make me feel productive in a normal way. Chores ground me to the present and my life. It feels like I Have some semblance of control in my life, but in a healthy way.

After that Christina and I made Chicken Parmesan together, which was very tasty. Both she and I were immensely proud for making a meal so good on a Monday.

Then I hung about, read some comics, Christina and I had an interesting talk about why people do what they do. Then I went to a show.

The show was at The Slaughtered Lamb, a pub down in the West Village. It’s a sister establishment to The Jekyll and Hyde Club. The show was fun, there was a light crowd but, incredibly supportive and all of the comedians were very supportive of each other. I got to see set from a couple of my friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while, which is always nice.

Knowing people aren’t in your life for very long makes you appreciate them while they are.

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