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Journal 03/05/19

In the morning, I watched Patton Oswalt give a talk about free speech and comedy. He brings up some very good points, one of my favorites way the idea that no amount of comedy is worth the amount of social-bass-ackwardness that is currently going on.

I went to work.

When I came home Christina and I talked about The Oscars. We were disappointed with a lot of the outcomes this year. But, they’re not surprising.

Then after we walked the dog, we got deli sandwiches and soup. Solid meals always a good choice. I know I’m getting older because I love soup more each day.

Then we watched Jesus Christ Super Star. A very interesting film, there are a lot of interesting choices being made. The amount of modern references and props are a indicative of the applicability of the story.

The music is fine.

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