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  • Tristan J. Miller

Journal 03/07/19

In the morning I continued watching a Taika Waititi interview about screenwriting. He’s very interesting and articulate when we allows himself to be. He clearly has some level of discomfort with taking things seriously. Which makes sense. He gives good advise when he gives it however.

Then I went to work. I had an excellent day at school.

I went to the library when I got back into my neighborhood to pick up some books I’d requested, the Poe Dameron Marvel comic series and some Foxtrot books. I also picked up a graphic novel called Misfit City, which looks interesting.

Then I got home and after an episode of DS9 I received a message from my manager at GameStop. I had mixed up my schedule and was late! But, I made it there in ten minutes and then had a decent time restocking and selling folks games and the like.

Then I got home, watched more DS9, read some Foxtrot and fell asleep.

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