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Journal 03/08/19

In the morning Christina and I made biscuits, which is always a good start to a day. The wonderful order filling the who apartment.

Then she and I discussed this and that over coffee. A very hapless and nice conversation. Then we watched a couple of episodes of the STARS series Black Sails on Hulu. It’s a solid show and some of the acting is quite good.

Christina left for an interview, during which time I went to the gym and listened to the latest Adventure Zone episode. (Adventure Zone is a Dungeon and Dragons comedy podcast that I enjoy enormously.)

Then I edited this week’s episode of Anime-Zing Podcast, it’s a very fun and silly episode. We also get into a pretty good discussion of “Nerd Culture” (if you’ll forgive the phrase.)

After that we took a nap and watched MadMen, a show that has really grown on me.

That night I had a show at Don’t Tell Mama in Manhattan. (Thanks to Tyler Riley for showing up to support!!) The show was a blast. They had a piano on stage, so I got to do some of my musical jokes, which I am always happy to do. It was also good seeing the work of the other comedians. Especially Liz Glaser for whom I have a great fondness, but don’t get to see often because she lives primarily in LA.

After that I went home. On the ride home I did read an excellent graphic novel called Misfit City. Highly recommend!

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