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Journal 03/10/19

In the morning Tyler and Melissa came over to record Amateur Detective Club. We discussed No. 1 Ladies’ Detective agency. As well as, watched two other episodes of Poirot. We got a bit sleepy and silly by the end of it. Very excited to share those episodes!

Daylight savings time really did a number on my this year, which I was not expecting.

After we recorded, I spoke with my friend Allie to see how she was doing and ask her a couple of questions. She doing well and experiencing a lot of new things, which sound interesting as heck.

After that Christina and I saw The Kid at AMC Empire on 42nd street. Now, I’m not saying this is the worst movie I’ve seen in the last two years. But, I’m not, not saying that. The only thing I felt that truly worked about the movie is Ethan Hawke’s performance. I have been staggered by his talent lately. If you haven’t go see First Reformed, an incredible performance that swept industry awards but, unfortunately, was ignored by The Academy. The Kid is not worth seeing in theaters, but, if you want to fall into a western thirst trap vis a vis Ethan Hawke, stream it when it comes to home video.

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