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Journal 03/11/19

In the morning I went to work and had an excellent day. One of my supervisors said that overall I was doing a great job and gave me some very good feedback. It was an excellent way to start the week.

After work, I got coffee with my friend Liz Glazer! She and I know each other from stand-up and so it was great to talk to her in a way where there were fewer people involved. She’s a very fine comedian and you should follow her career and social media.

We spoke about early success and how that can be overwhelming, about trying to give up sugar, and how work towards personal betterment and how to graph your career long those line. All very good things to think about I think.

After that I got home and listened to Rhea Butcher’s episode of Good One. If you’re a comedian I highly recommend the podcast and Rhea’s episode particularly. Rhea talks about how their gender (I hardly know her) identity has changed and how that’s changed their jokes.

I wrote an essay which I plan on during into a video essay soon. So look out for that!

I also went to the gym and played some video games with Tucker. Always a good time. It’s nice to take some time to just be friends with someone.

When Christina got home, we ate dinner and watched MadMen. I know I’m YEARS late to this, but the show is incredible. Each episode feels like a film in a series. Wonderful work.

It’s nice to enjoy nice things.

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