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  • Tristan J. Miller

Journal 03/12/19

I woke up to some very good news, which I’ll share later on.

Then I went on to work. Which, went pretty well.

After work I went and I visited my sibling Molly We had a great time. We discussed our lives a bit while we picked out what we wanted to make for lunch. Then we went to Molly’s home made some burgers, then we watch some Strong Bad cartoons while we ate. We also watched a video about the history of Homestar Runner, which was pretty interesting.

After lunch we played the video, War in the North. A game she and I started six years ago and couldn’t get past a certain point. Now, having done so, we beat the game. It was very satisfying. So, once we beat on Lord of the Rings themed RPG we moved onto the next one. The Third Age, which is an original Xbox video game. It’s not terrible, but also, not good. But, it was fun to play for a bit.

When I got home Christina and I told each other about our days and then watched MadMen until we wanted to fall asleep.

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