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Journal 03/15/19

In the morning I had a self-tape audition.

Then I watched more of Taika Waititi’s talk.

Then I had lunch with my friend Myq! He’s been out of town for a bit so it was great catching up with him. We spoke about religion, God, Oneness, Allness, Bigness, Smallness, current events, and of course, comedy. Myq is a constant source of excellent questions, anecdotes, and advice, all of which he is more than willing to pass on. He also is a good listener and is incredibly generous with time and spirit. It’s always a joy to see him.

When I got home I cleaned up a good portion of the apartment, which was very satisfying. I very much enjoy creating and keeping a clean home when I can.

Whilst I cleaned I listened to the Judge John Hodgman Podcast, a very fine podcast where John Hodgman delegates disputes sent in to him my listeners. It’s always fun and generally insightful.

After that, Christina came home. Then I took her out to a local restaurant, Cream for dinner in celebration of a new job she recently started. She’s incredibly hard-working and that’s something I admire in her.

Then we got home watched MadMen then went to sleep.

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