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  • Tristan J. Miller

Journal 03/21/19

In the morning I watched a Denzel Washington interview where he spoke about the longevity of a career in the arts. That the goal is always to be good and whatever happens around that will happen. That he was a “Ten year over night sensation.” I think about this a lot in terms of both my peers and myself. That too often, as young artists, we are focusing on trying to more time on stage, write more material, get an agent, and moving up the rungs. Whereas, if you focus your talents on a few things and really polish them, I think that both you and the audience of your art will be more satisfied. My generation has a tendency to over saturate our own market. We want to push out so many things all of the time to prove we belong there. I’ve thought to myself, “I haven’t gotten on stage in a week, am I still a stand-up comedian?” Which is an absurd thing to ask. Of course I am. But, there’s this incredible pressure for young artists to make it fast, because of how the internet changed access to creating content. We have to accept that things take time and that’s okay.

Then I went to work.

I came home took a nap and watched some DS9.

Then I went to my other job.

It was a long day, but a good day.

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