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  • Tristan J. Miller

Journal 03/22/19

In the morning I watched some of Eddie Izzard’s stand up comedy. Eddie has always been one of my favorites. His ability to tackle intelligent concepts in a silly way is staggering. As a person, Eddie also has run marathons for charity, written a book, and learned several languages in order to perform in. Truly an inspiring person.

Then I read some comic books I had borrowed from the library. The Star Wars Poe Dameron series. It’s a very fun read. Then I played some Battlefront. It was a Star Wars morning.

Then I went to the library to return a few of the comic books and then pick up a few others. Along with a copy of Dune. Let’s see if I can get through it. The book is too big. There are too many words.

Then I continued to work on transcribing my one-man show, and boy do I talk a lot.

Then Christina came home and we watched Silence my Sorsese. A very fine film, we

didn’t finish it as it’s rather long. But, so far I’ve enjoyed it.

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