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Journal 05/19-05/25

The week began with vomit. I was unwell all Monday, I went to my job anyway and powered through, which is standard fair for late-almost-post-capitalism. Happy to serve. Happier to live. Waiting to die.

I decided to devote my entire day to being in intestinal distress, vomiting only once for all my trouble. The process of being ill has always shaken my emotional core. I become a pathetic vagrant, who is also a child, who is also a dying old man. My girlfriend, we'll call her Christina because that what her parents called her, took amazing care of me. I'm lucky to have someone as devoted to me as I was to the stomach flu.

On Tuesday I went to work, now inexplicably well, after which I went to my improv class which was incredibly enjoyable. I love making things up and not doing work. It's fun! It's the kind of thing I wish I could do all the time. I, in fact, try desperately to do just that. A fact that my girlfriend, (Christina if you recall.) absolutely gets tired of after about .30 seconds. I don't blame her. Half of the time I'm talking, I'm think "Can you believe this idiot? He didn't even go to college!" Then I had my internship that I do in order to take said improv classes. It was fine, although by the end of the night I was back to feeling terrible.

Wednesday I went to the doctor's. The appointment went as follows:

Doctor: What's the problem?

Me: I can't stop coughing, I have a fever, I have aches, I almost shat myself Sunday, (The Lord's Day!!) I vomited Monday, and Friday I'm in love.

Doctor: Say "aaaah."

Me: (Says "aaaah.")

Doctor: Yup. You got some gunk there dripping to your throat. It's pretty gross. I'm goingtogiveyouantibioticsgoodbye.

Me: Sweet! More drugs.

The whole day I had a fever, (I hardly know her,) and was bedridden, which is a dramatic way of saying lazy.

Thursday was preschool graduation. It was adorable and also loud as a good half of the children were crying. It's not their fault they were confused because they've never been to a graduation before. As someone who was homeschooled, I'm frankly still confused by it, as well.

Friday, I was in fact, in love. Christina, (remember her?) and I went on a walk around Williamsburg. (Hipsters not colonial.) I was lovely, she bought a shirt and watched her buy a shirt while playing Angry Birds on my phone. All was well, all was at peace. We tried to stay up late and have some kooky fun playing video games together but I promptly fell asleep at 8PM, because, as I said, I am an old dying man.

Saturday is still happening. So, we'll see. I have a big show tonight about which I'm very excited.

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