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Journal 05/25-06/01

So, Be Well: A Mental Health Charity Show went incredibly well!

We raised over $200 for NAMI and the Fountain House. All of the comics did well and Aparna Nancherla absolutely killed. I'm incredibly pleased that it went so well.

On Sunday, I did another comedy show, this time at QED in Astoria. It's one of my favorite venues in the city and the person producing the show is one my favorites also. Kyle Viterbo runs Scratch Paper and the Symposium at Caveat. But, this installment of The Symposium she was brought to QED through the Queens Arts Council. It featured a line up of comedians all of whom were facing some sort of health issue, whether it be hearing impairment, mental health issues, or vision constraints, they all did well and I was proud to be a part of the show.

Monday was Memorial Day, I celebrated the holiday the only way I knew how, but eating three packs of Hebrew Nationals raw. But, it was great having the day off after such a busy and anxiety-packed weekend.

Tuesday was business as usual, work and then Improv Class. I've been taking a class through the People's Improv Theater. It's been incredibly fun and rewarding. Then I did a show I produce with my good friend Hattie Hayes called Focus Testing, in which we create a movie based off of the audience suggestion and play some games. It's incredibly fun and I'm always happy to do it.

On Wednesday I had the afternoon off until I had a meeting about the PIT's work study program. A program to which I highly recommend you apply, if you're able. After that I hosted another show with my wonderful friend Matt Storrs, called the Storr's Objection during which comedians will present a set based off of the theme chosen and Matthew will interrupt the comedian and fact check them.

Thursday was the last day of the semester at the preschool. It's been so rewarding getting to know and teach these children. My job is incredibly fulfilling and I enjoy it very much.

Friday I got new headshots which you will see shortly.

And that leaves us with today, Saturday, a lovely day and a relaxing one also.

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