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Journal 07/2019

Hey, y'all. It been a minute. I had a very busy July and took June slowly, hence me not posting for a while.

This July was very productive. My friend Alenka came from Canada to visit NYC. During that time we shot a bunch of sketches. She's a very funny and kind person. She's part of a sketch comedy group called Big Cake, whose sketches are hysterical. I highly recommend you watch their stuff!

I'm excited to share the sketches with you in the upcoming months!

I also vomited at a show for the first time! Yay yartzing! (This blog is full of it, I do apologize.) Luckily it was a show where I wasn't needed on stage the whole time. I produce a show where comedians play the game Quiplash, a fantastic party game that you should play with your friends. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, wherein you receive a prompt and then you create a funny response. I actually vomited right as I received a 'Quiplash' meaning everyone voted for your answer. Powerful light, Powerful Dark.

I also performed at Brittany Brave's incredible show at Rockwood Music Hall. It was a fantastic, nearly sold out show. I got to play the piano as well, which is always a treat for me. Here's the set!

I also help produce the Devil Cup Festival! It was a super fun festival full of wonderful comedians and fantastic audiences. I performed to a sold out crowd at Greenwich Village Comedy Club which was rejuvenating. Working closely with my other producers Matthew Storrs and Hattie Hayes was, as always, wonderful. It was also fantastic seeing all the hosts and headliners that participated in the festival.

It really refreshed my desire and excitement to write and perform comedy. Which is perfect timing because I'm about to go on tour for my comedy show Manic Impressive for the MN Fringe Festival. I'm incredibly excited and anxious about this. I'm immensely proud of the show and I hope that people will see it.

That's about it from me. I'll be blogging and making travel logs for the tour which you can find here:

Love you,


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