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  • Tristan J. Miller

Resolutionary War

It's that time of year again, where we promise ourselves things that we know we will never actually do. I am of course talking about therapy here. It’s New Year’s and what’s a new year without a new me?

Here are some of my resolutions for this upcoming year!

  1. Write a weekly humor column. Hey!! Nice.

  2. Get jacked, but not too jacked, I still want babes to find me approachable.

  3. Find the source of that smell and destroy it.

  4. Listen to my instinct more and to the negative voices in my head less. Wait.

  5. Transcend above my own consciousness and take those whom I love with me. (Eat with friends at a taco bell.)

What are your resolutions? Sincere or otherwise? Write in and let me know! I might ridicule you or congratulate you!

Stay safe and have fun!


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