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Rochester and the Surrounding Days

On Sunday, I had a wonderful 10pm show at the Ritz Studio in Minneapolis. There was a decent sized crowd, especially for that time slot. I think the show went very well, most people laughed at most of the right places. I love building a rapport with each new audience so that they trust me with such heavy material.

My show is also just loose enough that I can riff, play, or extend bits. The discovery of stand-up is one of the reasons I find it so fulfilling.

On Monday, I shuttled down to my home town of Rochester, MN. I met up with my mother and spent a wonderful morning with her. Then I performed Manic Impressive at the Rochester Art Center. It went incredibly well. The space was sold out three times over. The crowd was warm and receptive. Many people came up to me after the show to share their story and thank me for sharing mine. This was unexpected but deeply moving. Then we got ice cream.

Tuesday I spent some time with an old friend catching up with her and playing with her dog by the Mississippi. Which, is almost as good as it gets. After which my family and I ate and talked, which is again, almost as good as it gets.

Wednesday my mother and I made pancakes, the small fluffy kind with bananas in them. We always have good morning conversations.

"If this isn't Nice, what is?" - Kurt Vonnegut

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