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The Third and Fourth and a Half days of Minneapolis

On Friday, I went to the beach with my sister and her children. It was very fun, but very warm. After that we met up with my parents to go to a baseball game. The Twins and the Royals. It was an incredibly exhilarating, (For baseball,) game.

It was my nephew's first game and he was very excited about it. It was also great catching up with my folks during that time.

On Saturday, I went swimming with my family again, this time at a waterpark. It was very enjoyable and it was great to cool down in the mindless heat.

After that I had my second show. It went wonderfully! The audience, more or less, laughed at the right places, and I got to riff around a fair amount.

The show has never been the same twice due to me improving, working with the audience, and also me filling time with extra jokes. I really enjoy this about my show and am happy to have the opportunity to perform this way.

After that I saw another show, Viking and The Gazelle. A fun rom-com about interracial dating. It was effective, funny, and sometimes touching.

Then I went to a panel of touring artists, which was incredibly informative and made me excited to attempt to continue this tour!

I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon. I'll be doing a late show (10pm) tonight and am excited about it. Nervous, as always, about attendance. I went to a show this afternoon with a new Fringe-Friend. It was called Good Friday the Thirteenth, about a church camp that slowly is terrorized by a third or fourth resurrected Christ. Blasphemous, but very funny.

Talk to you soon!


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