Tristan Miller is an actor, comedian, podcaster, mental health advocate, and writer.


As an actor, he has recently starred in Dominoes, Dir. H. Hammouda and The Ghost and The Writer, Dir. Christina Tucker and 

As a writer, he has been featured in The Good Men Project and Stigma Fighters


Tristan hosts, edits, and produces three podcasts: Positive and Negative, The Amateur Detective Club, and Anime-Zing Podcast.


As a comedian, he is currently touring on a one-man comedy show called, Manic Impressive. 


Comedian Gary Gulman calls him, “Ahead of most comedians his age,” Myq Kaplan says “A supremely kind, creative and highly motivated man,and his older sister calls him “An idiot man-child with no sense of survival skills. Why did you bring him on this camping trip, mom?”

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Here's what I offer as a creator on Patreon!

I'm making art and content for and about mental health.


A new episode of Blank History Month, a history/comedy podcast on the first Friday of every month. 

The second Friday, a blog or vlog or BTS video post will be available to you!

On the third Friday, I'll have made either a new piece of audio or visual art/media.

On the fourth Friday, I'll have made a video essay, most likely about the representation of mental health in a piece of media. 

The archive of Blank History Month and weekly affirmations are also available as will other one-off pieces!


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